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Life only works one way. From the inside out.

This is always true and nothing can change it.

We experience life via thought.

Thought is divine energy that passes through us and gives us our experience ~


We simply never have an experience of anything but the divine energy of thought passing through us moment to moment.

We don’t control divine energy.

But magic happens when we know this is how experience is created. It opens our mind to see that there are always limitless possibilities available to us in any given moment. Our experience is only as limited as thought…and when we know that thought is divine energy we see it’s unlimited. New thought is always coming through us. Thinking is like breathing it is happening to us constantly without us having to do anything.

So why/how do we get stuck in experiences we don’t want.

Quite simply because we misunderstand what’s real and what’s not.

Experience is real…what we experience isn’t….

Everything we know about is simply a projection of consciousness.

There are never ever exceptions to this, not one anywhere ever….it just doesn’t work any other way.

When we are upset and not thriving in life it is always because we have mistaken what we are experiencing to be real and have forgotten how it works.

When we are looking for peace it’s pointless looking at what we are experiencing, our circumstances other people possessions money and the like. We might as well try to knit fog…we will soon find out it’s impossible and it never results in a warm scarf!

On the other hand looking towards what is creating our experience that’s productive…that results in a clear mind and a peaceful heart. That’s where the traction is. That’s where magic happens.

The problem we have is that looking in the direction of truth goes against everything we’ve been taught to believe. It hits hard at what looks and feels real, so we are often tempted to reject truth and carry on trying to knit fog. For some knitting fog is easier than seeing truth.

But on the other side of truth is peace and happiness and the best human experience is available to us from here.

This is true regardless of what it is we seem to be up against.

It improves our relationships, our parenting our work… everything in life gets better as we begin to see the truth. We get to be the best

Syd Banks said: If all we ever learned was not to be afraid of our own experience that alone would change the world.

Knowing what is ‘real’ takes the fear out of our experience.

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