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Friday 15th January

Another day of learning today.

To put you in the picture, on Wednesday I had a new lady, someone called Paula who I’ve never properly met before (I live in a small village so you do tent to have seen most people) come to my sewing class.

We got talking about ‘the other thing’ I do, another of my ladies, Joyce, went into a great explanation of how much I’d helped her and how great it is.

Paula said “so what is it then?”

My tongue froze in my mouth, “ermm, well it is really brilliant, it really helps people”

“What is it then?” she persisted.

“Well its like, ermm, well understanding your own mind I suppose”

I was flopping around like a dying fish!

“It is amazing” Joyce chimed in helpfully.

Oh my goodness, what was going on?? WHAT THE HELL IS IT YOU DO? Surly by now you know that!!!

“Why don’t you want to tell me?” asked Paula “is it a secret you seem very hesitant”

“No” I said “It really isn’t it’s just difficult to explain.’

I went on to talk to her about the three principles, we had a great conversation, and she has gone onto my mailing list and is keen to find out more. But it showed up a gaping hole in my business, I STILL couldn’t articulate what it is I do.

So that needed addressing sooner rather than later.

Then I was speaking to Gillian, we decided we have to slow down and change a few of our more ambitious plans to get the website up and running so soon, It’s getting worse.

Sit back and take a breath…..

After initially feeling like I had failed in some way, I’ve decided this is a good thing, it will give us some much needed breathing time, a moment to stand back and look at what we’re creating, and I need to learn to talk about it in a way it will be understood.

I know the mistake I make is thinking I have to make everyone LOVE IT, so I put so much pressure on myself that I can’t say anything useful at all. It’s unrealistic to think everyone will or even should love what I do, understanding, will be more than enough, liking, loving or hating it, will then be their choice.

Reminder to self; Do this as if it’s the most important thing in the world, and as if it doesn’t matter one single bit

Back to Basics.

The great idea for the name of my membership site came from a business called ‘Heart of Business’.

I’ve become a member of their community and I love the feel of what they do. As soon as I heard their name, a great idea for my own name popped into my head ‘Heart of Life’ so I shamelessly stole their idea.

It’s such a perfect fit that I’ve bought the domain name today.

It’s going to be my brand.

It feels perfect, it speaks to me it says ‘I’m perfect for you’.

It’s like being in a brand new relationship, we are just getting to know each other and so far it’s great.

It totally describes what I’m up to. Taking people into the heart of their life in every way, with an understanding of three simple spiritual principles.

Showing them how to connect back to who they truly are, showing them where, love peace and happiness come from and showing them how they are safe and secure underneath the incessant noise of their own thinking.

So some real soul searching to find a way to really put this into a sentence people can hear and understand.

‘I can help you learn to follow your heart, even and especially when fear and insecurity get in the way.’

‘I show people how amazing they are – when all they can see is fear anxiety and stress.’

I can help you live from love, even when you are experiencing fear, anxiety and stress.

Feeling a little better now, In fact all is very well, I’m heading in the right direction, still feeling very motivated and happy.

To top it all I’m really looking forward to spending a weekend with my family, it’s my Dad’s 80 birthday and we are having a rare get together of the whole family, so a brilliant weekend to look forward to too.

One of the things I’m going to do over the weekend is practice talking about what I’m up to. I will share how that goes on Monday.


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