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Meet the speakers for the 2019 Mental Health and Wellbeing conference

Fredrik is a psychiatrist from Sweden. He has been sharing the principles since 2013. He came across the principles himself when struggling with depression, anxiety and physical pain. Now he shares the inside out understanding both personally in the Three Principles community and, at work, in psychiatry. He enjoys pointing people back to their innate health.

He is passionate about music and is most connected when an instrument is close by. His aim is to bring the inside-out understanding into psychiatry through the medium of music.

Denise is the founder of Class Performance – Excellence Within, she has specialised in elite sports performance for over 30 years, collaborating with other coaches in many different sports all over the world. As a former international netball player, she knows all about the highs, lows and struggles that go with the territory, whether you’re an athlete, coach or manager. Having captained the national Hong Kong team at the World Netball Championships, she moved into coaching, working with both the national team in Scotland and two England Netball Superleague teams.

As Scotland’s national netball coach, Denise presided over the team’s move up the world rankings to 12th place and saw them qualify for the Commonwealth Games. Frustratingly, she was unable to help when this previously high-performing team finished last in a significant competition, amidst bickering, lack of focus and uncharacteristic mistakes. This pivotal moment was a real wake-up call, and Denise went on a mission to find the key to outstanding consistent, quality performance. Little did she know that her discovery would to be the ultimate game-changer for people who are inspired to create, explore and achieve in life.

Steve Adair is an international speaker, trainer, coach and mentor. He facilitates group programmes and retreats, internationally and has his own private practise based in Central Bedfordshire, UK.

Since 1991, Steve has studied and trained in different therapeutic modalities from psychology, psychotherapy, NLP to Reiki-Seichem master training. Since gaining a deeper realisation of the spiritual nature of the human experience, he now bases his practise exclusively on the Three Principles. 

Steve co-created the Three Principles with Life and Soul and from there he offers one to one mentoring, 3 or 4 day’s immersions retreats for individuals and couples; practitioner development; and individualised training programmes. He enjoys leading group seminars and retreats in India and Europe.  He is a keen podcaster and has his own Men Behaving Kindly podcast show on sound cloud. 

Steve has always followed his compassionate and helpful nature and has the rare ability to touch people with a feeling of love, which in turn awakens them to their true identity. He enjoys the love and hanging out with family and friends, long countryside walks with his partner and their dog, and meeting and celebrating with people from all around the word. 


My name is Mandy Spray and I live in North London, although I am originally from glorious Devon! 💕 I also spend a lot of time in the NorthEast of Scotland, a place also dear to my heart!

I came across the Three Principles six years ago and, after years of feeling anxious most of the time, life immediately became easier in ways that I wouldn’t have thought possible. It really is true that we can’t see the things that are right in front of us – love, ease, fun, resilience!

I now share my understanding of the Principles via facilitating 1:1 mentoring programmes, workshops, retreats, webinars and anything else!

I like to make my sharing as accessible as possible and like to relate this understanding to real life, often bonkers, events! I do this via the blogs I write for my website as well as regularly running workshops for those working in health and social care and parent groups.

I love having easy and connected conversations with individuals and groups, and am seeing more and more that love and connection are where we humans thrive best!

I’m delighted to be speaking at the conference, as Debra and the team really reflect the values that I have of being accessible to everyone and celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary!

Hi my name is Stef Cybichowski. I am a Dad, a musician and a Three Principles practitioner.

6 years ago I was experiencing the most challenging time of my life, going through divorce, having to sell my business, losing my house, becoming a single dad and with my own father passing away, it felt like I was experiencing the very depths of despair and depression with a very bleak future in prospect. Then I discovered the 3 Principles understanding. Understanding the Principles behind the human experience has completely changed how I see the world and myself. My life is now unfolding in so many beautiful ways, with an ease and a flow I could never have imagined possible.

One of the many gifts that I have been given over the last 4 years is to have the chance to explore this understanding with a hugely diverse range of people all over the world, in business, on humanitarian/charity projects, with war veterans, in schools and mentoring students who are aiming to become practitioners themselves.

I am so excited to be coming beautiful North Devon and the conference in November and having the gift of meeting and spending time exploring and learning from you all. I can’t wait to meet you!

Maria Iliffe-Wood has over 25 years experience as an executive and team coach. She  works with leaders across a broad range of organisations. She is also a qualified coach supervisor, working with independent and internal coaches.

Maria’s book ‘Coaching Presence: Building Consciousness and Awareness into Coaching Interventions’ was published in English in 2014 and in Russian in 2015.  It has been read in over 20 countries.

When her husband, Ashley, came across the Three Principles, Maria became interested in the understanding and it had a profound impact on how she worked and lived her life. She saw that what she’d described in her book as the Invisible Coach reflected in the Principle of Mind, and that is what shapes and guides us “in the background”.

She is passionate about sharing this understanding so that people find this grace and ease for themselves. She believes it is through this understanding that the world will become a better place to live in. She is passionate about playing her part fully and actively in making the world a better place.


Ashley has been a developer of people for over 30 years, mostly in leadership development. He has always been inspired to explore new ways to help people be more effective and more fulfilled. When Ashley did his NLP practitioner training, one of the trainers was Michael Neill.  Later when Ashley read Michael’s book “Inside Out Revolution” it led him in the direction of the Three Principles.

He swapped his search for the next best leadership model and theory and started on a personal transformation journey in the direction of Mind, the intelligence of life, that wisdom within.  This completely changed his experience of life and now sees himself dealing with significant challenges with far more grace and ease than ever he could before. 

Over time this understanding permeated his work with leadership clients and organisations and his work is now underpinned by the Three Principles. He sees the understanding transform the life and work of the leaders he works with.




Andy Winter was introduced to Sydney Banks and the profound insights he had over 25 years ago.
Since then Andy has had the chance to learn from many other extraordinary teachers including, Dicken Bettinger, Roger Mills, George and Linda Pransky, Ken Manning and many more.

Andy and his wife, Elissa McLean have been on the founding leadership team of two secondary schools with the principles at the core of the culture, pedagogy, and curriculum.

Andy currently has a private practice in Vermont where he works with individuals, couples, families, and businesses helping them enjoy greater peace and function with more clarity, creativity and happiness. He also works as a professional tennis instructor.

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