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Today of all days
what would happen if ……

You had a thought about doing something kind and generous for another person and the thought felt good?

The good news is that that is exactly how the world is set up to work.
You are meant to feel good about things that you think of as good.

Its all about the feeling.
When we feel good and we act from that feeling we do good.
We can’t do anything else.
That’s wisdom in action.

So the very next time you get the chance act from a good feeling,
Go right ahead and do a kind and generous thing for someone else just because you can, and the good feeling is yours, it came from you and its yours to keep, you don’t need any participation from anyone else to feel great.
And you just never know it might just catch on, there could be more random acts of kindness popping up in your life than you could ever have thought were possible!

Feel great and have some fun.
But beware, it could become addictive!

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