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Today,  *|MERGE1|*
There has been a lot of poetry in my life
in the last few days,
so I wanted to share a poem with you
that I wrote a while ago.
I hope you like it.

You know what Thought Did, Don’t you?

Thought brought us happiness,
Thought brought us love and contentment each day.
Then thought smiled sweetly and said
“ None of that was me, it all got here some other way”

So we took what thought said as truth.
We enjoyed life, we were having a ball!
We loved, we had peace and we believed.
It hadn’t come via thought at all.

Thought brought us sadness,
Thought brought us hate, unrest, guilt and shame,
Then thought scowled rudely and said,
“ None of that was me, it was all here, long before I came’.

So we took what thought said and believed,
we looked for the reasons elsewhere
we blamed things other than thought
It seemed what was guilty was out there!

Then one day a, man, had a vision
He saw understanding the nature of thought
Was the answer to every problem
in which the world had ever been caught.

When confronted with truth, though reluctant,
Thought had to admit it was right,
Try and prove its all me he grinned
Cause to help people see, you will need courage, daring and insight!

Although centre stage I may be
And my role is really not small
Thought took a bow and said
“Without mind and consciousness I couldn’t have done it at all”

Happiness. sadness, joy and depression
Mind gives you the thought of them all.
Consciousness has no care which thoughts you dwell on
it will make them seem real big or small.

So come with me now on a journey
Discover the role in life played by thought
See for yourself through the power of insight,
The unending magic that understanding has bought.

Have a wonderful day

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