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Random Acts Of Kindness

Random acts of kindness are featuring more and more in my world lately, I decided I wanted to explore this further for myself.

So this weekend ( 23rd & 24th April) at the Big Sheep in North Devon I am having a stall at the local Mind Body and Soul Festival to talk to people about Random Acts Of Kindness or RAOK’s for short.

If you are here on this page it’s quite likely that you have had a conversation with me today, thank you for taking the time to come here. I hope you find something useful and decide to pas on the RAOK you received today.

The way I got started with RAOK in this particular form was through a course I was running called ‘The Warriors Course’. I invited all the participants to do something for someone else with no thought of ever getting anything in return. It sparked an avalanche of amazing beautiful giving, that was just over twelve months ago and that same group are still having fun with it now.

It sparked ‘The great cake give away’

2015-05-03 13.09.53


And Beccy’s Blog,  Beccy Warrior, if you want to have a read of that please be my guest Beccy is an amazing blogger.

So Here is how it works, you just decide to deliberately take a little time out of your day out to do something kind for someone else, for no other reason but that you can. If you have someone give you a RAOK if its possible then pay it forward with a RAOK for someone else, before long we will live in a much kinder world!

See how giving for no reason makes you feel, when we truly don’t want anything in return. We mistakenly believe that we need appreciation from someone else to feel good about ourselves. This is a misunderstanding, our happiness comes from within.

I will be adding things to this page as I have them to add, please have a look around my website and pop back often. If you have any questions or you just fancy a chat drop me a text or an email, and lets talk.

There is a comments box below if you want to share your RAOK experiences.


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