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 ** Ignite your Inner Sparkle **


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** Inner Sparkle **

We really enjoy pointing people back to the truth of who they are and watching what unfolds for them when they see it.

We simply can’t get enough of talking and hearing about this truth. Connecting people back to their inner sparkle has infinite possibilities.

It is this passion that has led to the creation of the “Inner Sparkle” membership and our desire for this membership to be a really fun, light-hearted and laughter filled membership

Inner Sparkle Online Membership

The Inner Sparkle Membership is designed to keep you in this conversation to give you the best experience of life possible – and believe me, that is limitless!

Webinars, videos and online books

Monthly live webinar

Core content videos

New content every month

Written and audio content

Filmed sessions from Mental Health conference

All members also receive:

  • 10% off any Dare2BU event over £100.00
    (for as long as you are a member)
  • instant access “Unleash your Potential” online book



Inner Sparkle Membership is £12.00 per month

(Sign up for 12 months for £120)

"Ignite your Inner Sparkle"

Click button below, to go to the online membership page to find out full details


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