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#366happydays Day 24

2016-01-24 11.56.312016-01-24 11.44.50






2016-01-24 11.38.09

Another lovely walk today, this time along the beach at Westward Ho!

Thankfully my mum is getting better, she is still in hospital, but she is being well looked after and she is on the mend. A lovely walk out in the fresh air was a great way to re-charge my batteries and have some fun. Splashing around in the shallow water I forgot how unpredictable and powerful the sea is and a great big wave almost came over the top of my boots!

I then nearly fell over laughing.  As I was stood there the sea reminded me of my thinking, it can just come in and swallow you in a split second, overwhelm you with it’s size and it’s power and then in the next second be gone, almost a if it was never there. If you are grounded enough and you can stay on your feet, but beware if you follow your thinking you will be swept away with the tide!

Feeling relieved….




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