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#366happydays Day 11

I just got this lovely message from my niece who has been busy arranging a family get together for my dads 80th birthday,  

“So guys just to confirm we r all going to Granddads 80th birthday party on Sunday, don’t be early so it gives me time to put the balloons out!
So no hangovers, no bad moods, no arguments. Put your best smiles on and let’s make some happy memories together as a family on this rare occasion. No hiding from the camera we need to get as many pics as we can so make sure your camera phones are charged and you bring your selfie sticks. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday 😘

It’s indeed a rarity that I see so many members of my family together, we r all so far apart these days, but we r still a very close bunch and I am really excited about my dad’s very special birthday. Thank u Lizzy Twamley for all your hard work organising it. Cant wait for Sunday!
Gemmer Kate Vanson, Laura Simmons, Joshua Max Simmons, Russell Harrison, Lucy Sheffield, Bec Sheffield, Katy Sheffield, Paul Sheffield. Carol Twamley.



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