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Oh to be a Warrior

Definition of Warrior

Hmmmm this is the dictionary definitions

A brave or experienced soldier or gather (especially in former time (ancient Greece))

Any number of standing poses in yoga in which the legs are held apart and the arms are stretched outwards

Someone said “I really love the warrior pose – it makes me feel centred and strong”

Yep that definition will do me.

Its only day three of the Warrior Course and I have keenly awaited my daily email. Already I can feel the difference reading the emails in this course is making. The first two days I felt there was something changing within me. Today’s email galvanised me into action. It didn’t feel like a fight or brave thing to do, it just felt “right” it made sense. Oh how I love it when we understand and see the three principles in action.
The feelings I had this morning, told me everything I needed to move forward to do what my wisdom is telling me.

I had been really caught up and over thinking and reached out for help….. thanks Deb and Bec …… My wisdom and my feelings had told me everything I needed, mainly realising that I already have everything I need!!! How paradoxical!!!

Our feelings are pointers for us to be aware of how life is playing out for us. Getting curious about those feelings and “seeing” that our feelings are only every telling us about our experience and are not telling us about what we think we are and what we think we ought to be doing, or should be doing. I realised, there is never really anything to be done, unless I find myself doing it, from wisdom just like this morning. Reaching out, seeing the wisdom in being centred and strong, standing strong and be open whatever comes my way, knowing I have everything I need in the moment.


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