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4 years ago I did a skydive. I absolutely loved it! I cannot put into words how incredible it was. It truly is an experience and the only way to know is to do one. Trying to explain it in words would be liking trying to understand how good chocolate tastes if I write about it here. You simply can’t. You must eat chocolate yourself to know how it tastes. Right?

Life is the same for me. An experience as simple as tasting chocolate, or as unexpectedly ‘crazy’ as doing a skydive has to be experienced first-hand. We are wired for experience. That experience comes to us via thought. It is that simple.

After such an incredible experience of skydiving you may wonder, what is stopping me doing another skydive?

The thinking I had in the moments of the skydive experience meant that, for me, it was an incredible experience. What if, next time, I have different thinking and I don’t get such an amazing experience?

That sort of thinking stops me. It is that simple.

We can often replace the word ‘Simple’ with ‘Easy’. But I am going to be clear here. Simple and Easy, in this context, are not interchangeable.

What we are pointing to is a SIMPLE understanding of how life works. When we see how life really works that does not mean life will be EASY. Without doubt, my life is lived with more ease. However, there are times when I must step up, take courage and make the harder choices or actions.

Deciding whether to do another skydive probably isn’t a hard choice that I am being invited to step up to. But I know there are places in my life where there are times that life is asking me to take the harder course. Please don’t be confused with Simple and Easy.

Instead find your place of balance. When we see the simplicity of how life works, we are invited to Have More FUN, live with more ease and acceptance. When life invites us to take courage, as it inevitably does, if we have found that place of balance between Fun and Responsibility, we can accept the invitation and step forward into what life has on offer.

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