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The Table with no Edge

Lucy Sheffield

For most of her 30 something years Lucy struggled with being at peace with herself. Whilst talking with her aunty Deb about ‘something I didn’t understand but liked to hear more of’ Lucy had some deep insights. These insights pointed Lucy back to her own innate health and resilience. She is now someone who is so comfortable being herself it is difficult to imagine this ever not being the case.

The Table with No Edge is written in a fun, light hearted way so the reader can learn this simple, yet profoundly deep understanding.
This book explores how the mind works and explains how life is experienced via 3 universal principles for every single human being.
It is a mind blowing, life changing and insightful read.

“A delightful, easy to read book written with humour and love by Lucy, speaking with her voice about the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousnes. She gently walks us along the path to understanding by sharing her insights, and illustrates each chapter with helpful metaphors to help us grasp the deep spiritual truths to which she points.”

G. A. Fox

Dare2BU: Thriving is the aim of the game

Debra Simmons

After experiencing a life changing understanding in her own life, Debra has been keen to help others to see their innate health and wellbeing.

In this book, Debra explores where our experience of life is coming from.

This is for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of this simple, yet profound, spiritual approach. If you are looking to thrive, not just survive, this book is for you and the digestible, easy to read format makes it a must read!

“You write so beautifully, Debra Simmons…. it just flows from your heart, gently carrying such a deep understanding. You are a truly inspirational woman. Massive love and huge respect for Daring 2BU…. The world is a better place for the ripples of love and Truth that you and your Sisterhood Squad are creating..”

M Taylor

Inside out Uni-verse


A collection of poetry written with simplicity to highlight the profound message we hear when we begin to understand the principles behind life.

As you read this book we invite you to see the natural flow of life and how that shows up in each verse.

Lu, Deb and Bec each share their own personal insights through the power of verse. It is written with joy, laughter and ease

“This poetry book reminded me that the principles are not something that we need to learn. As a reader you are invited to see the simplicity of the principles in each and every word…..Most of all, this poetry book offers the reader insight, clarity and fun. It guides and encourages you to not take life too seriously and to celebrate the beauty within and all around you.”

S Adair (Foreward)

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