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366happydays Day 15

2016-01-15 23.13.22 2016-01-15 23.13.312016-01-15 23.12.14

More creation, just added the finishing touches to the cake my daughter Laura made for her granddads birthday party on Sunday. He will be 80 years old, a very grand age to reach!
I’m not a cake decorator, as you can probably tell from the pictures,  but I think he’ll be pleased, it was done with much more love than talent!
I am really excited that I am going to see all of my family over the weekend, it is going to be a time of celebration and fun.

Like all families we have had our ups and downs over the years, so I guess there will be a few sticky moments as well and not all of them will involve cake. it will be a great opportunity to watch my thinking play out a fun game for the weekend!


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