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There was a young lady called Honey
Who had a lot of thoughts about money
The amount she had never seemed to be right
She worried all day and she fretted all night

The thing about Honey was she didn’t know
That all of that thinking could just come and go
It didn’t mean squat about Honey at all
If the amount in the bank was massive or small

Honey you see had never been told
How life is created for young and for old
Honey really believed that to feel secure
When her money got low that she needed more

Imagine the surprise that our Honey got
When she still felt the same when she had a lot
The amount that she had still wasn’t right
She was worried all day and fretting all night

Now Honey was bright and she could see
That the way she felt was no way to be
Something was wrong it just didn’t seem true
That money could cause all that she had been through

Not long after that something changed Honey’s life
Like a bolt from the blue she was struck with insight
She saw that her worry and the fretting she’d done
Didn’t come from the money whatever the sum

One thing that she noticed about her life
Was that in the end it all turned out right
So she stopped all her fretting and worrying too
She had seen for herself there was nothing to do

The nature of life is that security is free
Its built into the system and its ours once we see
Nothing can stop us from feeling secure
Except for a thought that we need something more…

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