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So another up-date on how things are going.

I am actually in a great frame of mind at the moment, I could tell you it’s because the sun was shining all weekend and I went out walking, bike riding and eating, lots of my very favorite things to do, and I deliberately set the weekend up to be that way (well not the sunshine obviously, even I can’t do that…… yet ha ha). It’s great knowing that I can be happy with or without theses things happening in my life, and being happy as can be.

I am still dragging my feet about the million people million £ project that I want to create, but it feels like waiting is the right thing to do at the moment. (oh no is that just a story?? EEKKK, might need to look at that).

I’m loving doing the Warriors Journey, it’s proving to be a lot of work, and I’ve had a ton of thinking about the video’s, that I’ve actually got quite good at taking no notice of at all, just pressing the send button whatever is happening in my head.

The feedback I’ve had so far has been good, so that’s helping me stay focused and keep up with the emails every day, and my own learning continues at a rate that I would never have believed, its like living in insight land, the world looks like a very different place almost every day.

Ive mapped the whole of the Warriors Journey today.  Ive never stayed with diary writing for so long and so consistently, and the almost meditation puts me into a really lovely feeling. So that is all great.

Ive turned down another two wedding jobs, that gets easier every time, and I have next to no thinking about the money, I could get into it and be scared, but I am choosing not to respond that way. It’s all looking good from where I am standing in this moment.



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