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#366happydays Day 14

2016-01-14 22.51.43  2016-01-14 22.52.252016-01-14 22.51.532016-01-14 22.51.32

Well it’s been an unbelievable day, a very rare happiness only a mother can feel when her teenage son tidies his room!!! Ha ha ha. 

This is not something that happens often in our house, so it was begging to be photographed. When something good happens and we feel good it very easy to believe that our feelings are coming from the good thing.  It looks as if  it’s easy to feel good when good things happen, in the times when this doesn’t happen it can be confusing to understand why. Knowing that we live in the feeling of our thinking and not our circumstances clears this confusion. Clarity is a great place to live your life and tidy your room from!






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