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North Devon Show

We were very excited to make a last minute decision to attend the North Devon Show to promote our conference.

We set up a competition to win a free ticket to the conference and had so many entries we decided to give TWO tickets away!
Congratulations to Jackie Colman and Abby Read the winners.

For those who entered and want to know the correct answers, these are below:

How much did the NHS spend in 2016-2017 on Mental Health?
B. £11.6 billion

How many people suffer from Mental Health related issues?
A. 1 in 4

How many recorded suicides were there in 2013?
C. 6233

How many sickness days, in the UK, can be attributed to mental health?
A. 12.7%

A huge thanks to those of you who we met for taking the time to talk to us and for supporting our aim to make North Devon the most mentally health place to live and work!

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