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We are really excited to introduce the speakers for our North Devon conference

Debra Simmons

Since having her first insight this understanding continues to have an impact on Debra every day, as she continue to get a clearer and deeper understanding of how life works.

The spiritual understanding she talks about is an explanation of how life works for each and every one of us via three simple principles. A principle is something that is always true and always behaves in the same way whether you know it or not and whether you believe it or not.

About 18 months ago, Debra felt inspired to create a conference in North Devon to share this understanding. Debra enjoys nothing more than getting curious to see what she can create and this conference is the perfect example of how life unfolds when we look in the direction of how life works.

Lucy Sheffield

For most of my life I struggled with being at peace with myself.

Whilst talking with Deb, I had some deep insights. These insights pointed me back to my own innate health and resilience. I am now completely comfortable being myself and it is difficult to remember ever not being this way.

I love meeting people who share the same understanding of innate health and resilience as I do in order to deepen my own, and others, clarity.

I have also published a book “The Table with No Edge”, pointing to the truth of who we are.
I love being creative, expressing myself through writing, poetry and drawing.

Recently I graduated from the “Debra Simmons Mentoring Programme” and moved to Devon to follow my passion to share the principles.

Beccy Sheffield

For a very long time I lacked self-love and made the mistake of believing love came from outside of me

Fortunately, I had some wonderful people in my life who pointed me in the direction of a simple understanding: the Three Principles.

Whilst looking in this direction I had an insight and suddenly, like the clouds parting to reveal the sunshine, I realised that I am love.

I now have a deep abiding love for who I am and, as a natural by-product, have the most amazing people and relationships in my life.

I am really passionate about sharing the understanding that has changed my life and the lives of those around me and I am really keen to ‘walk my talk’. I am really excited about being a part of the first Three Principles conference in North Devon

Julie Weeks

Julie initially came across the Three Principles some 3 or 4 year ago following a life changing diagnosis and a search for a spiritual awakening.

As life unfolded, Julie found herself attending an immersive retreat, held by Debra, during which an insight into inside out nature of our human experience changed everything for her. For the first time Julie realised she had been searching for her spiritual nature outside of herself.

Julie is passionate about sharing this understanding with others and has recently completed an amazing journey of self-realisation whilst undertaking Debra’s Mentoring Programme.

Andy Winter

Andy Winter was introduced to Sydney Banks and the profound insights he had over 25 years ago.
Since then Andy has had the chance to learn from many other extraordinary teachers including, Dicken Bettinger, Roger Mills, George and Linda Pransky, Ken Manning and many more.

Andy and his wife, Elissa McLean have been on the founding leadership team of two secondary schools with the principles at the core of the culture, pedagogy, and curriculum.

Andy currently has a private practice in Vermont where he works with individuals, couples, families, and businesses helping them enjoy greater peace and function with more clarity, creativity and happiness. He also works as a professional tennis instructor.

Anke Herrmann


Anke grew up in East Germany where life was all mapped out .. go to school, study, get a job, get married, go on holiday, retire, die. Safe, predictable, boring as hell, a waste of precious creative life energy. To her, living like that felt as wrong as throwing away fresh food, cutting a bird’s wings or keeping a wild animal in a circus.

She didn’t want a slow, safe train ride, she wanted a roller coaster. She wanted to get to the end of her life knowing she’d squeezed the last bit of juice out of it.

Anke got out of East Germany before the wall came down and did lots of other things commonly considered difficult – changing careers (every time she hated Mondays) or moving to different countries. In 2004 she quit her IT job in the UK, moved to Spain and started her own sewing business, with nothing more than plenty of enthusiasm and a passion for sewing.

Today she is a transformative coach supporting those who want to live and work how THEY want, who feel there is more to life than just going through the 9 to 5 motions, who don’t want to “go with their music still inside”, helping them take the struggle out of following their heart. Anke’s biggest challenge was dealing with demanding clients, or so she thought ..

Ashley Wood

Ashley has been a developer of people for over 30 years, mostly in leadership development. He has always been inspired to explore new ways to help people be more effective and more fulfilled.. When Ashley did his NLP practitioner training, one of the trainers was Michael Neill.  Later when Ashley read Michael’s book “Inside Out Revolution” it took him in a whole new direction with regard to his work.

He swapped his search for models and theories and started on a personal transformation in the direction of Mind, the intelligence of life, that wisdom within.  This completely changed his experience of life and now sees himself dealing with significant challenges with far more grace and ease than ever he could before.  Ashley sees now how understanding the Three Principles permeates the work he does with his leadership clients and organisations now and no longer trains in the old models and theories he had previously expounded.  He sees how the understanding transforms the life and work of these leaders and this work is predominantly Three Principles based.

Erica Lewis


After a career in the charity and care world, Erica has been self-employed, training and coaching people for about ten years.  Her discovery of the Inside Out paradigm about seven years ago articulating how we create our experience has been a liberation from her previous constricting self-image and beliefs to enjoy life so much more from who she truly is.

Erica particularly enjoys introducing this understanding to people for the first time and supporting them to contribute in their way to a more sustainable and happier world.   As well as her training and coaching, Erica is also active in two charities – Transition Town Totnes and Building Bridges for Peace.

Fredrik Kinnman


Fredrik is a psychiatrist from Sweden. He has been sharing the principles since 2013. He came across the principles himself when struggling with depression, anxiety and physical pain. Now he shares the inside out understanding both personally in the Three Principles community and, at work, in psychiatry. He enjoys pointing people back to their innate health.

He is passionate about music and is most connected when an instrument is close by. His aim is to bring the inside-out understanding into psychiatry through the medium of music.

Julian Freeman


When Julian discovered the principles it helped him through big changes in his life, the death of his mother and a change of career too. Having this understanding was so important to him that he wanted to share it with others. He does this, primarily, through his passion for filming.
He first picked up a video camera, in 2010, bought in an airport duty free. It was the best one in the shop. Julian started filming and in 2014 realised that filming was what he loved best.
Julian was privileged to train with Nic Askew whose Soul Biographies filming gave Julian a big step in starting to find his own style as a film maker.

“I love filming because it allows me to tap into a creativity that I wasn’t aware of for many years. I love that!
Its all about filming in the moment, seeing what develops and capturing that. 300 films later my style is still developing”

Julian is the author of Life Beyond Money, written in 2012 and also supports community development work in the North East of England.

Maria Iliffe-Wood


Maria Iliffe-Wood is an experienced executive and team coach, working with leaders across a broad range of organisations.  She is a qualified coach supervisor, with over 25 years experience, working with independent and internal coaches.

Maria’s book ‘Coaching Presence: Building Consciousness and Awareness into Coaching Interventions’ was published in English in 2014 and in Russian in 2015.  It has been read in over 20 countries.

When her husband, Ashley, came across the 3 Principles, Maria became interested in the understanding too and it had a profound impact on how she worked and lived her life.  She saw how Mind shaped and guided us “in the background” and came to see another way of describing Mind, for her, as being an Invisible Coach!

She is passionate about sharing this understanding so that people find this grace and ease for themselves. She believes it is through this understanding that the world will become a better place to live in. She is passionate about playing her part fully and actively in making the world a better place.

Michael Brown


Through the Three Principles understanding I experience my life with increasing sense of spaciousness and with far less attachment to the stories I make up about myself. More and more I can turn up in any given situation, be it personal or professional, and know that I’m OK whatever I might be feeling in the moment, allowing me a creative freedom and a deeper connection to self and others.

My work has been transformed through this understanding and I have witnessed the impact it can have on my clients when they can see how their wellbeing is in-built.

At the conference I will be speaking about Coming Home. A personal journey describing how in leaving my native home I started to forget where my true home lay. I will speak to the innocent misunderstanding that we all experience and the wisdom that always had my back – returning me home.

It’s an enormous privilege to bring the Three Principles to others as I’m helping them see something that they already know!

Nick Bottini

Nick Bottini is a multi-instrumentalist, consultant and performance coach. He is also author of ‘Just Play: The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence’. Nick studied at Leeds University, the Franz Liszt Hochschule Für Musik in Weimar, and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. He has worked as a freelance musician, as well as Head of Music in London schools.

As a workshop leader and public speaker he has shared the Inside-Out understanding of the mind with musicians, international sports people, business people and many others.

For over ten years he has worked at various levels of the music industry from school children and adult beginners, to child prodigies, competition winners, music college students and top professionals.


Stef Cybichowski


Hi my name is Stef Cybichowski. I am a Dad, a musician and a Three Principles practitioner.

6 years ago I was experiencing the most challenging time of my life, going through divorce, having to sell my business, losing my house, becoming a single dad and with my own father passing away, it felt like I was experiencing the very depths of despair and depression with a very bleak future in prospect. Then I discovered the 3 Principles understanding. Understanding the Principles behind the human experience has completely changed how I see the world and myself. My life is now unfolding in so many beautiful ways, with an ease and a flow I could never have imagined possible.

One of the many gifts that I have been given over the last 4 years is to have the chance to explore this understanding with a hugely diverse range of people all over the world, in business, on humanitarian/charity projects, with war veterans, in schools and mentoring students who are aiming to become practitioners themselves.

I am so excited to be coming beautiful North Devon and the conference in September and having the gift of meeting and spending time exploring and learning from you all. I can’t wait to meet you!

Steve Adair


Steve Adair is an international speaker, trainer and mentor. He facilitates group programmes and retreats, internationally and has his own private practise based in Central Bedfordshire, UK.

Since 1991, Steve has studied and trained in different therapeutic modalities. Since gaining a deeper realisation of the spiritual nature of the human experience, he now bases his practise exclusively on the Three Principles.

Steve has always followed his compassionate and helpful nature and has the rare ability to touch people with a feeling of love, which in turn awakens them to their true identity.

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