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I have seen that life is an invitation to get to know yourself.

I know I have said this before. But it is a point worth making again and again.

The understanding we are pointing towards is very narrow but it has no end to its depth.

We reach those depths through exploration, experience,

self enquiry and introspection.


I know I need a lot of reminding.


One of the ways I love talking about this is in the context of The Warrior.

Even saying those words lifts my spirits.

My shoulders go back and I feel proud.


Don’t get me wrong I know I am experiencing the power of thought as it passes though me, but these words resonate with me and I like them.

They are an invitation for me to play…seriously play.


A Warrior Lesson…


A while ago someone I really loved was struggling… I really wanted to help.

They didn’t want my help.

This was really hard for me.

I knew that I had something life changing to share and if they would only listen to me it would be really helpful for them.

They wouldn’t let me share, they didn’t want to hear what I had to say.


I felt upset annoyed and frustrated and as if I had hit a dead end.

I didn’t like how I was feeling and I didn’t like that they didn’t want to hear what I had to say.

I don’t think I was very kind, to myself or to them.


The Warrior in me knew there was some learning here

it was a huge lesson for me.


I learned that it is better to stay out of other peoples business.

And I learned about a paradox.


I saw that I needed to let other people find their own wisdom.

I was the one who needed to listen.

I needed to hear what people were saying to me.

When I was getting upset about people not listening to me, I was asking them to do something I wasn’t doing.

I wasn’t listening to them and yet I wanted them to hear me.


It had to start with me.

I had to be the one to listen.


This experience was an invitation to get to know myself a little better.

I did.


I decided to say the words I wanted the other person to hear to myself.

I realised that I didn’t want to listen to me either.

It took a while before my mind would stop protesting enough to hear.


I saw that by bringing this back to me, not making it about someone else, I felt better.


I saw the paradox of other people.


I am everybody.

Everybody is my teacher.

And it only takes me to learn the lesson.

There is only me.

The Warrior.


The Warrior in me today says…

Always be kind

Always bring it back to you.

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