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#366happydays Day 23

2016-01-23 15.37.542016-01-23 14.58.38

I am eternally grateful today for the understanding I have about life, late last night my mum was rushed into hospital, she has not been well for about a week and she had become very dehydrated, the doctor was worried enough to call an ambulance to take her straight to hospital.

Living so far away is difficult at times like this, but our family is a close one and we were kept informed. By this morning she was improving and I decided not to rush home, but wait and see if she needs me when she comes home.

It could have been a difficult thing to see happiness in a day like to day, being a long way away from my mum in hospital, but there is always good things along with the things we don’t want so much, and its good for us to look for the good, it really helps to know it’s always there even if we don’t always see it.

I had a lovely walk out in the woods, with my daughter Laura and her dog Dougie, the scenery was beautiful and it’s always great to see Dougie enjoying himself.

Feeling grateful and free….

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