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#366happydays Day 28
2016-01-28 19.52.16

I’ve had a really productive day today, and I’m feeling very pleased with myself, but there is no way I wouldn’t have achieved what I did without the help of my lovely friend Gillian Pearce, so a great big thank you Gillian!

She has very kindly been helping me to build my new membership website, which is not an easy undertaking I can tell you. We have done really well today, and managed to keep lots of other commitments into the bargain, So feeling very accomplished!

If you are reading this full post you must have landed up on my website, so have a look around, there is still plenty I need to do, I don’t suppose it will ever be called finished, but for now it is good enough and I am ready to start testing the membership side of it and stick to my plan of making it live on Monday! Nervous but excited.



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