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The Warrior’s Journey

Are you ready for an adventure?

4 years ago Deb ran a 90-day Warrior course (online) and on the 1st April we are re-launching the course…. with some of the amazing content from 2015 and shiny new content from 2019!

The Dare2BU team are inspired to share with you why a Warrior is someone who creates something of value in the world!

Understanding where our feelings come from and that they are telling us what kind of ‘head space’ we are in, not what someone else is doing, was just a huge discovery for the four of us.

We just love sharing this understanding in as many fun and new ways as we can think of!

To find out more about how to join in with the Warrior’s Journey, email the team using the contact us form with the phrase “I’m interested in the Warrior’s Journey”

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