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Hello and a very warm welcome to my blog.

My name is Debra Simmons and I have a mission.

To change the way the world views relationships.

Its a big mission I know, but one that I am happy to be on.
This blog is going to be a record of how I am doing with that mission, the ups and the downs, a record of what I learn and if, as is my hope, I get some people following me, then some accountability.
My aim is to be as transparent as I can bear to be, although I am human and there may just be some things I am too uncomfortable to share,  I am going to try.

Lets start with my why.

In a nut shell. (I really don’t want to bore you so near the beginning!)
I really failed miserably in my life for about the first forty + years or so, and my failure was around relationships, I was just rubbish at them.
I had a massive insight after the breakdown of my second marriage, my failure was never about my relationship with other people it was routed in the relationship I had with myself.

From that insight and many others that followed I have completely changed my life around, I have great relationships with my friends my family and my wonderful partner. My life works. I love it, and I  continue to have insights and my life just keeps getting better to this day.

I have shared my success with anyone who would listen, (and probably lots of people who had no interest what so ever, when I was in my EVERYONE must know this phase, when I shared regardless of what the person I was sharing with felt!) Thankfully that phase has passed and if you are reading this I hope it is of your own free will and because you are interested.

There are two things in particular that are going on for me at the moment in, connection with my mission, that made me decide to write this blog.  The first is that I have planned, written and started (with some lovely people) a course called The Warriors Journey.  The second is that I have set myself a challenge to reach one million people with my message within the next year, the challenge is on as it began on the 11th March 2015!

So watch this space, lets see what unfolds…….


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