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When I first came across the principles understanding I was desperate to know more and looked everywhere to find talks and events. I had to travel as far as London, from North Devon, to hear speakers share this understanding.
It didn’t take long for me to realise that I wanted to share this understanding. And I wanted to make it accessible in North Devon.

And so the conference was born

My aim with the conference was to bring together a group of amazing speakers, fill the room with local people who are interested to know more about Mental Health and spend 3 days together having a lot of fun!

2018 was our first conference, held at the Barnstaple Hotel and I accomplished all of those aims and more!!

We had such amazing feedback and enjoyed a feeling of such love, peace and connection that we are going to make this an annual event.

Below are some pictures and testimonials from the conference. To find out about the conference in 2019, visit here.

Wonderful variety of speakers who all brought their own experiences and delivery – I heard different things from them all at different times, all coming together to create an amazing atmosphere.

I felt the TED Talks were particularly placed well were of a length that held attention and were themed well. I thought the “on your feet” sessions were really valuable for getting to know people and were also fun. I liked it when Deb interacted with other speakers in her welcome talk, I felt that maybe it didn’t need as much time allocated. Questions session was definitely worth doing. The break out groups were useful and it was difficult to choose they all looked great!

I haven’t got words to express my joy at being able to attend the conference, I just didn’t think it was going to happen for a number of reasons. I would definitely recommend next years Conference and promote the value of attending all 3 days! It was useful personally and professionally, I made contacts with like minded people, with people who are in the same job role within Organisations, with newcomers to this approach to wellbeings and with those who have understood the 3Ps for years. A great opportunity to share, connect and have fun. Thank you for daring to be! Love you all

It was amazing. I will be booking for the next one. Truly inspiring day.

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