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Here is a link to a blog from one of the Warriors Beccy a fab read and a great testimonial for me!


I used to think my life complete, until I found I was living on an island. What “The Warrior Journey” has done for me is to give me the courage to explore new horizons. I have been given the tools to realise what potential is out there for all of us. The instructions came and at first I was able to get off this island by using stepping stones, then came the though “I don’t want to jump over these stones” so I used the power of my new found thought and mind to built a bridge instead. All I have to do now is keep the bridge in good order and have the courage to improve it over time. The course has taught me everything comes from within and nothing on the outside can harm me. My wife asked me “Has my life changed that much?” I answered “No it’s me that’s changed.”
All you can do is change yourself, not others.



The warriors journey has been amazing for me.

Since learning and deepening my understanding of the principles over the last few yrs i felt i was sort of slipping back into some old habits when along came deb with the warrior course to help me get back on track.
Its really good to have her pop up in my inbox everyday reminding me of all the great stuff there is in life.
Ive been in a much better place again since i started it and am really loving all the self love and acts of kindness towards others.
I found a load of hidden talents and passions that Ive been following since my creative side has surfaced once again, a knock on effect of being so happy… Including writing poetry, and bodybuilding for health & fitness.
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who can benefit from daily support to help them love a fun filled, fabulous lifestyle. 
Deb has such a great way with words, making things simple to understand yet very effective.
I’m fortunate enough to have weekly skype chats with Deb they always help my week set off to a good start. I’m so grateful to Deb for everything she has done to help me.
She is truly amazing and the loveliest, kindest, warmest person.
Full of love and inspiration.
Its lovely to chat to someone who understands it all.
I wrote a short poem also for you to see how much Deb has helped me.
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Beccy From Coventry:
“Before I started the Warrior journey I was doing ok. I had been making big changes in my life. I had been making these changes outside. What the Warrior journey has really shown me is the only place to make lasting changes is inside. I never knew it was possible to be in love with yourself, it is and I am. And now I can see that all of the relationships in my life are reflective of my relationship with me. I didn’t want the Warrior journey to end, and for me I don’t believe it ever will. If you have even the teeniest tiniest niggle that is ‘disturbing’ your inner peace then this course is for you! I have enjoyed every single moment of this journey. It was the perfect balance of challenges, interesting new perceptions and ‘rest days’. Well done Deb, you are offering a service to the World!”

 Lots of Warrior love!


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