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For a very long time I lacked self-love and made the mistake of believing love came from outside of me

Fortunately, my sister Lucy and my aunty Deb were keen to point me in a different direction!

During 2015, I followed a 90-day course, led by Deb, which shared this simple understanding and pointed me back to the inside-out nature of life.

I had a number of insights during those 90 days. The biggest one being how I looked for love and self-worth from other people – people pleasing – and suddenly, like the clouds parting to reveal the sunshine, I realised that I am love.

I now have a deep abiding love for who I am and, as a natural by-product, have the most amazing people and relationships in my life.

As a part of the 90 day course that changed my life I started a blog, Beccy Warrior, which I continue to write now. I absolutely love sharing my insights, memorable life moments and my ‘bucket’ list through the written word. If you would like to read it, you can do so at:

I often hear myself saying “understanding that I am spiritual being having a human experience frees me up to ‘play’ this game and see what happens”. I am really passionate¬†about sharing the understanding that has changed my life and the lives of those around me and I am really keen to ‘walk my talk’. So, in May this year, I made a big life change and moved to North Devon, to work with Deb at Dare2BU.
Who knows what might happen next!

It would be great to meet you face to face, so do come along to any of our events!

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