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For most of my life I struggled with being at peace with myself.

Whilst talking with Deb, I had some deep insights. These insights pointed me back to my own innate health and resilience. I am now completely comfortable being myself and it is difficult to remember ever not being this way.

I am usually the life and soul of the party at our gatherings, and see the fun in everything. I really enjoy every precious moment I have in this game we call life.

I love meeting people who share the same understanding of innate health and resilience as I do in order to deepen my own, and others, clarity.

Recently I graduated from the “Debra Simmons Mentoring Programme” and moved to Devon to follow my passion to share the principles, as part of the Dare2BU team.

I have also published a book, available on Kindle, pointing to the truth of who we are.
I love being creative, expressing myself through writing, poetry, drawing and many other ideas.

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