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I’m Debra Simmons and in 2011 I came across a spiritual understanding that changed my life in a really great way.

At that time I had just left a very unhealthy relationship. I was insecure anxious and stressed…my life was in a mess. I wasn’t coping very well at all I was full of guilt and shame and was struggling to move past all the bad things that had happened to me and that I had done.

Since having my first insight this understanding continues to have an impact on me every day, as I continue to get a clearer and deeper understanding of who I am and how life works

The spiritual understanding I am talking about is an explanation of how life works for each and every one of us via three simple principles. A principle is something that is always true and always behaves in the same way whether you know it or not and whether you believe it or not. These principles are constants and always explain our moment-to-moment experience.

I have found that a by-product of understanding the principles that create our moment-to-moment experience is that you gain peace of mind. This leads to a new perspective and the clarity to do better at everything in life.

I do things a little differently here; my approach is very simple but very effective and if you are ready to have a better experience of life then this understanding is a great way to start.
I want YOU to have a great life too!

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