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Common Sense Spirituality….

There are three simple spiritual principles that underlie all of human experience….. they are easy to understand and make common sense of what can be a complicated subject….who and what we truly are and what we are doing here.

This is a recording by Sydney Banks talking about his deep spiritual understanding of life….. Listen and enjoy

A short video with an explanation of The Three Principles, that everything here at Heart of Life is based on.



If you prefer to read here is the written explanation for you.

Three Simple Principles.

The three principles are Universal Consciousness, Universal Mind and Universal Thought.

They are ‘Universal’ because although we have a personal experience of each of them, they are common to all of us.

Universal Consciousness allows us as human beings to be aware of ourselves, aware that we are alive, aware of the experience that we are having.

Universal consciousness brings our world to life it is the light in a darkened room, without the light there might as well be no room because there would be no way of knowing it was there.

Our personal experience of consciousness comes through us like a level of understanding, the more we understand the more consciousness we experience, the more light there is in our life.

Universal Mind is probably the least talked about of the principles and yet it is the all-ness of everything, things that we see which are in form, the raw energy of things before from and things that we only experience like love or gravity everything that ever was or ever will be.

It is the plastercine from which everything is created.

We are all made from Mind we are all a part of mind. Mind is the intelligence the power and the energy of all things.

Our personal experience of mind comes through us as Wisdom, intuition, a gut feeling, a knowing. Every one of us always has a connection to Mind, the higher our level of consciousness the more we experience the Wisdom of Mind in our lives. It is always there in the same way as plastercine is always within the models that are made from it.

We have the ability to think that we have no connection to Mind and experience that thought as real and true, although it is not and never can be.

Universal Thought is the most obvious of our principles, every one of us thinks, and I expect you are aware of the fact that you think.

Universal thought is the power that creates the personal thoughts that we think.

We don’t choose what we think, but thought comes through us via this power.

In the same way as we can have levels of consciousness and the deeper our understanding the more consciousness we experience, the deeper our understanding the more we experience new thought. We are capable of re-thinking thoughts we have already had and we are also capable of new thought, a thought that we have never thought before a thought that is new to us.

We live in the feeling of our thinking.

We feel what we think.

Any thought that passes through our system, king among watches rolex air king replica review whether it is a thought we are aware of or a thought that we are unaware of, comes with a corresponding feeling.

Thought creates 100% of our feelings.

Feelings don’t come from anything other than thought in the moment.

Feelings don’t come from other people, circumstances or anything except thought in the moment.

If you are feeling something you are thinking it.

If you Feel like a bit of fun then this is for you….


‘A different Way of seeing  Relationships’ 

Here is a video of a conversation I had with a lovely lady called Jill Whalen  I hope you enjoy it….

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