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The Warriors Journey.

The Warrior’s Journey is a 90 day online program that will help you on the path to a happy healthy relationship.

It starts again on Friday 25th September, for round three, I would love you to be a part of it. Read on if you want to know more, or go straight to the bottom of the page and register now if you already know its for you.

Are relationships a mystery to you?    

Do you feel like you always end up with the wrong person?
or you’re better off on your own?
Are you suffering within a relationship?
Are you lonely on your own?
Are insecurity, jealousy, dissatisfaction, a knowing that something is wrong, badly affecting your relationships? 
Do you wish you liked yourself more, do you want to be happier more relaxed, less stressed, have more confidence and self esteem, understand yourself more, and be a great role model for those around you to follow and do the same in their lives?

If you answered yes to one of these questions then this course is a MUST for you.

Its takes place on-line from the comfort of your own home so no need to worry about a thing all you need is a computer and internet access.

The course is for 90 days,  I will be in your inbox everyday offering you courage support and great, but simple information to help you on your way, every day during that time. You will have email support from me during the whole 90 day period. If you don’t understand anything, or you have a question or a problem, email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible, my aim is within 24 hours and I haven’t missed that yet!

We will have a one to one chat before we start,  so I know what you want to get from our time together and you know what you can expect from me.

What’s it all about?

When I was at a very difficult time in my life, my relationships with my partner my children and my parents were not working, there were things I did that changed everything around for me, it wasn’t always easy, and sticking to my resolve to change certain things was a challenge. I had help, and without it I would have failed. I am sure you can resonate with that, if you have ever tried to loose weight, give up smoking or made a new years resolution, we don’t find sticking to our plans to change easy do we? Even when it feels like it’s what we really want.

So I have put together The Warriors Journey, to help you stick to what you want to do to, create the life and the relationships you always wanted, to help you make the changes you want to make, to improve the life you have, why settle for less?

The Warriors Journey came into being because I came across a description of a Warrior and it really resonated with me. It was something like this;

A Warrior is not what you think of as a Warrior, they are not someone who fights, they would never take the life of another.  I see a true warrior as someone who strives to be the best they can be at all things (living life to its fullest) and not necessarily as someone who has prowess in the physical/martial arts of battle, but more so in the arts of the psychological, mental and spiritual so that one may have the discipline to change our own behaviour to that of living in an honourable and a sacred manner.

A ‘Spiritual Warrior’ is someone who embraces a journey of self discovery in order to benefit others as well as to enlighten him or herself.

Shortly after I found this description a friend of mine was having a few problems her relationship wa in difficulty,  I offered to help. I began to put a few helpful things together for her to read and do, keeping in mind the attributes of the Warrior I had read about.  I could really see the similarities in the journey I had taken when my life fell apart and I was re-building and getting myself back on track.

A few of my other friends and family members heard about what I was doing and jumped onto the band wagon. So I decided to go all out and do this properly, so The Warriors Journey was born.

The Warrior’s Journey became  a 90 day online program and it has been a great success, the results have been amazing, with insights and transformations for the people who participated.

 “this was no ordinary self help journey, it was my personal journey, I found who I was and I fell in love with me, amazing, and it’s not stopped yet!” Sarah London

“that’s what happened when I walked into my own life………..I realised why no relationship had ever worked with anyone else, because I am the love of my life”  Bec Coventry.

If you are ready to fall truly and deeply in love with yourself, be happier, less stressed, have a more relaxed life dealing with all the ups and downs along the way with a sense of ease and peace be more confident in yourself and trust your decisions , understand yourself more and be a great role model for those around you to follow, then don’t waste any more time click the button below and sign up NOW. Let’s do this together.

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